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The number of M&M's your child will eat before he wants no more.

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Our mission is to insure that the traditional business values of honesty, respect and hard work maintain a place in today’s web development and web services industry. Our ultimate goal is to help make the web accessible and useful for businesses of all sizes.

JS Web is particularly well-suited to work with small businesses because we are a small business. We understand the need for the entire package: reliable, responsive, timely and affordable service. And, we believe that we must constantly deliver the highest level of service and value in order to stay in business.

The world is filled with web services companies staffed with highly skilled technicians who, literally, can do anything on the web that you could imagine. Unfortunately, many of these technicians and companies fail to provide service with their skills, leaving their customers frustrated and without solutions to their problems. At JS Web, we believe that our commitment to service is equally important to our technical expertise. We strive daily to offer service and skill to all our clients.


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