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The number of M&M's your child will eat before he wants no more.

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Nothing to hide

The web can be a great place for businesses and people to hide or operate anonymously. However, if you are like us, you don’t like to do business with a computer monitor, voice mail, or John Gone, the elusive support technician.

So, we hope the information on these pages helps you become more familiar with the people behind JS Web, and that you will feel comfortable contacting us for any of your website or web application needs. We look forward to your call!

In the beginning

JS Web grew from a weekend game of volleyball in June of 2000.  One teammate asked another “Would you be interested in working on websites?”  An internship resulted, followed by a second college career, multiple website and programming projects, unforeseen opportunities, and ultimately, the birth of a new company, JS Web, Inc.

Julie Huang

The amateur volleyball player turned webmaster/all-purpose programmer/SEO/SEM consultant and entrepreneur is Julie Huang (formerly, Julie Sullivan). Although Julie has been working for herself for the past seven years, she has also worked for large corporations such as Amoco, GE Lighting, and Siemens AG (as a software applications engineer for SDRC).

Scott Huang

Julie’s partner in business and in life is Scott Huang. Scott also has a history of focus, determination and achievement. He graduated first in his Aerospace Engineering class at Auburn University in 1991. During his professional career, he has worked as an engineer, project manager and engineering manager, touching everything from radios to rockets, and most recently, websites.

Our Promise

At JS Web, we believe that technical skill, knowledge, honesty and integrity are all equal parts of operating a successful business.  You will never get a hollow answer or empty promise from us.  If we make a mistake, we’ll admit it.  If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you…and then we will find the answer.


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