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The number of M&M's your child will eat before he wants no more.

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JS Website Development

Our area of expertise is developing the behind the scenes code that makes your website work. First, we bring in our Graphic Design partners to develop a professional "look" for your website. Then, we integrate any special features that you require and give you a ready-for-business website.

JS Website Maintenance

If you plan on keeping the information on your website up to date (which we all should), the websites we deliver come with the Joomla!TM Content Management System. This system allows you to easily change text, graphics or photos whenever you want.

JS Web Hosting

There are over 20,000 web hosting companies in the United States alone (source: http://www.webhosting.info/webhosts/globalstats). The majority of these companies offer packages with similar prices and features, but what separates the good from the bad is reliability and service.

JS Web Applications

We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly assess new problems and develop long-term, stable and scalable solutions. Whether you need to access and maintain your client data on the web, or you need to automatically process your customer orders online, we can help you.


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